Presentation of Our Activities

Plant protection

The problem of plant protection is present since the very beginning of agricultural production throughout the history of human society. As people began growing plants according to their needs, they had have to fight various sorts of pests, fungus diseases and weeds.

Plant protection includes protection and maintaining health of the plants as well as improving yields and the quality of agricultural products. Plant protection is an essential part of plant growing technology.

Goals of plant protection:

  • Protection of plants and stored products from pests, diseases and weeds (protection)
  • Quarantine or trapping and blocking pests and weeds (prevention)
  • Blocking use and selling of agricultural products that may contain dangerous pesticides (food safety)

Fertilization, Soil Preparation and Agrotechnique

Our Office offers consulting services in the field of agrotechnique, fertilization, soil preparation and plant protection.
In order to make our field work easier we have bought a mobile laboratory for soil analysis (Lasa 2800 eco). Thanks to the lab we have results in less than two hours. Percentage of nitrogen in soil we know at once, while percentage of macro-, mezo- and microelements we get after 1 or 1,5 hour of drying. After analysis, according to the farmers’ needs we prepare a plan for the given culture and wanted level of production.

Most important aspect of preparing the plan is speed, variety, flexibility and professionality. Farmers need to understand all advices so it is essential for the professional consultant to interpret results correctly and thouroughly. This is the biggest challenge for us and our first and foremost aim.

Professional advice in some cases may refer to:

  • agrotechnique (way of soil cultivation)
  • help with seed choice
  • advices for fertilization and soil analysis
  • plant protection

Consulting in Food Safety and Quality Control

Nowadays, food safety is something that is a must in agricultural production. Consumers do not want to buy food that is of dubious quality, and they require a certain level of service quality when they go shopping. Companies in food industry are doing their best in order to plan and implement the whole process of food production in accordance with the law while meeting the consumers’ needs.

1. Interpreting legal acts concerning food safety, among others appropriateness of the buildings where food production is taking place, legal requirements concerning infrastructure, regulations concerning product labelling, etc.
2. Introducing and using the HACCP system for food safety, which system is obligatory in Serbia according to the law since 2010 for the whole food production chain (except for primary production).
3. Beside the most frequently applied ISO 9001: standard introduced in 2008, introducing other quality control standards like:
- ISO 22 000:2005 and FSSC 22 000 food safety controlling systems
- FAMI-QS (for producers of forage materials)
- IFS (Food, Logistic, Broker, etc.) international standard and BRC for food industry
-- ISO 14001:2004 ecological controlling systems – consulting in environmental protection.
- MSZ 28001:2008/ SRPS OHSAS 18001:2008 consulting in health protection at work and safety-controlling system.
4. GLOBAL.G.A.P.- in our region it is applied mostly in fresh vegetable and fruit production.
5. Professional consulting in food production technology.
6. Consulting in food safety and other management systems’ certification, help with the choice of the certificate, taking part in the audition.
7. Professional consulting in Eco-Biofarming regulations and certificates.
1. Improving competence in food safety, environmental protection, company management, taking part in professional forums,
2. Generating, organizing, implementing applications and projects, establishing professional contacts and contacts between companies.

Visiting nature reserves with professional guides

Vojvodina is a very colourful region with many nature values. Our fields are among the best in Europe, we have barren wastelands and woods with unique flora and fauna, thermal water, nature reserves with protected animals and plants, cultural and historic monuments and locations, etc. Our aim is to present nature and sights of our region to the wider public.

We offer sightseeing trips for families, friends and business partners, so that they can see nature values of Vojvodina. Our guide has good knowledge in agriculture and environment protection and with his help visitors can learn about agricultural structure of our region and nature reserves. We organize trips to historically and culturally significant locations and monuments. Visitors can learn about characteristic species of animals and plants in Vojvodina and see hunting and hunting tourism sights in Vojvodina. These are the services we offer – our guests may choose all the activities as a single package or only some of them.

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